from by Rita Satch

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Featuring MC RHyNO


Tell me what is your reason
Why you lyin' to my face?
Maybe i'm bein' unreasonable
But - I found a picture at your place

Why you playin' with my heart?
Why you treatin' me this way?
Tell me what is your reason
Why you gotta play this game?

Do you enjoy the pain
That you're creatin'
D'you like to see me suffering? (Don't make me suffer heartbreaker)

Cause you're a heartbreaker
That's what you are
You only do what you have to
and you're a heartbreaker
That's what you do
You only want somethin' new
So i'm leaving you

Tell me boy you been drinkin'
Can I taste like cheap champagne?
Gonna cut you up like Quentin
I can't go through with this again

You must enjoy the pain
that you're creatin'
You like to see me on my knees (Don't make me suffer heartbreaker)

Chorus x 2

She wants soul, baby that's what I give her
Lyricist soul, with a... I deliver
And when I finally got her and I know i'm gonna bed her
She can never know that half of just how bed I'm gonna get her
Yeah I been a sinner, yeah I put her through it
Serve it like a dinner, yeah I give it to her
Filthy thoughts and heavy dreams
Blueberry pancakes with heavy creams

She like when I put my foot on the gas
Like when I swerve that car to the crash
Like how I talk when I got no class
Love them funk lips talkin' bout ass
Now I don't wanna change her
You can be your maker
Take your little soul to the devil in Jamaica
Take your little... baby I'll show you the patience
Yeah, that's why they call me the heartbreaker
(I try a little bit harder to be someone different, but I just...)



from Rita Satch EP, released June 16, 2014
James Bowers - Piano
Alex Yeap - Electric Bass
Marc Cascarino - Drums, percussion
Ryan Ritchie - Prophet 600, guitar, MPC4000, percussion, voice
Rita Satch - Vocals, bvs

Produced by Ryan Ritchie
Mixed by Ryan Ritchie
Mastered by Steve Scanlon



all rights reserved


Rita Satch Melbourne, Australia

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